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Bluejacking is the sending of unsolicited messages over Bluetooth to .. manual procedure of performing Bluejacking attack can be bypassed. BLUEJACKING 1. INTRODUCTION Bluejacking is the sending of unsolicited messages over Bluetooth to Bluetooth-enabled devices such as mobile phones, . I have made this report file on the topic Bluejacking; I have tried my best to elucidate all Bluejacking is the sending of unsolicited messages over Bluetooth to.

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Bluejacking Documentation Pdf

Abstract—The mobile phone technology has developed tremendously in the past forty years since its invention in owing to its unique. documentation Bluejacking allows phone users to send business cards In order tocarry out a bluejacking, the sending and receiving. Abstract - This research paper is about the technology used for sending unsolicited messages over. Bluetooth to Bluetooth to Bluetooth-enabled devices such as.

Bluetooth has a very limited range; usually around 10 meters on mobile phones, but laptops can reach up to meters with powerful transmitters. Bluejacking allows phone users to send business cards anonymously using Bluetooth wireless technology. Bluejacking does not involve the removal or alteration of any data from the device. Bluejackers often look for the receiving phone to ping or the user to react. In order to carry out a bluejacking, the sending and receiving devices must be within 10 meters of one another. Phone owners who receive bluejack messages should refuse to add the contacts to their address book. Devices that are set in non-discoverable mode are not susceptible to bluejacking. Mobile phones have been adopted as an everyday technology, and they are ubiquitous in social situations as users carry them around as they move through different physical locations throughout the day. As a communicative device, the mobile phone has been gradually taken up in ways that move beyond merely providing a channel for mediated conversation. One such appropriation is bluejacking, the practice of sending short, unsolicited messages via vCard functionality to other Bluetooth-enabled phones. To choose the recipients of bluejacks, senders complete a scan using their mobile phones to search for the available Bluetooth- enabled devices in the immediate area.

The main advantage of Bluetooth is that it can be full duplex. S and 2Muthupandian. It is around 10 meters for mobile phones, and about meters for laptops with powerful transmitters. This technology allows phone users to send business cards anonymously using Bluetooth wireless technology. Receiver does not know who has sent the message, but it has the name and model of the phone of bluejacker. People who get to receive such messages should not add the contacts into their address book. Devices that are set in non-discoverable, hidden or invisible mode are not susceptible to blue jacking.

It has been noted that many people are still not aware of this technology. There are other technologies also which are very similar to it.


These are Bluebug, Bluesnarfing, Blueprinting, etc. This paper provides an overview of the Bluejacking Technology.

The idea is to replace the cables that are needed to accompany portable devices carried by many mobile travelers with a low-cost, secure, robust RF link. Originally Bluetooth marketed to small handheld devices such as cell phones and laptops.

As the Bluetooth standard emerged successfully into society, the world demanded more. It is reported on Lets Go Digital in an article written by IlseJurrien that three new Bluetooth products are qualified every day and 10 million Bluetooth units are shipped per week. Bluetooth is so efficient, effective, and secure that even the IEEE approved the Receiver does not get to know who has sent the message to it.

This technology is known as Bluejacking.

Institute of Project Management

Bluejacking is instigated by an attacker termed as bluejacker or bluejack addict who forwards unsolicited messages to a user of Bluetooth-enabled device.

When the connection goes through, the bluejacker tries to send a message to the recipient. The manufacturer has programmed each unit with an address that falls into a range of addresses it has established for a particular type of device.

When the base is first turned on, it sends radio signals asking for a response from any units with an address in a particular range. Since the handset has an address in the range, it responds, and a tiny network is formed. The computer and entertainment system go through similar routines, establishing networks among addresses in ranges established by manufacturers. Once the networks are established, the systems begin talking among themselves.

Each piconet hops randomly through the available frequencies, so all of the piconets are completely separated from one another. Now the living room has three separate networks established, each one made up of devices that know the address of transmitters it should listen to and the address of receivers it should talk to. If it turns out that they are, then the resulting confusion will only cover a tiny fraction of a second, International Journal of Trend in Research and Development, Volume 3 6 , ISSN: www.

Have some files on your smartphone you want to place on your computer? No worries, just connect your device via Bluetooth and send the files over to your computer.

Institute of Project Management

Still, we should point out that transferring files via a wired connection is much better. Then in the first line choose your desired message.

Then press done. Then go to the contact. Then press options. Then scroll down to send. Then choose "Via Bluetooth" Then the phone will be searching for enabled Devices. Go to contacts in your Address Book program e. Outlook 2. Create a new contact 3. Enter the message into one of the 'name' fields 4. Save the new contact 5. Go to the address book 6. Go to action 8. Go to Send to Bluetooth 9.

Click on other Software tools The procedure for bluejacking as stated or explained earlier are very long and confusing. To avoid this we have developed some software to do bluejacking in an easier way. So by downloading that software on your personal computer or on your Bluetooth configured mobile phone you can do it directly by just searching the enabled Bluetooth device and send unsolicited messages to them.

There are many software tools available in the market and there name is according to their use. Some of them are as follows: 4. By default a small text will be send. BlueSpam also supports backfire, if you put your palm into discoverable and connectable mode, BlueSpam will intercept all connection attempts by other Bluetooth devices and starts sending a message back to the sender.

Meeting point Meeting point is the perfect tools to search for Bluetooth devices. Combine it with any bluejacking tools and have lots of fun.

This software is compatible with pocket PC, palm, Windows. He took out his and started looking at his phone. Ajack then posted the story on a mobile Web site and other people started trying it out.

Bluejacking has become popular among young people wanting to play practical jokes. A year-old named Ellie from Surrey in the UK has started a dedicated bluejacking site called bluejackq.


The site explains what bluejacking is and also has forums where people can share their bluejacking experiences. You will need to read the handbook of the particular phone or PDA etc that you have but somewhere in the Menu item you will find the item that enables and disabled Bluetooth. Now, remember that Bluetooth only works over short distances, so if you are in the middle of Dartmoor then BlueJacking isn't going to work for you unless the sheep have mobile phones these days!

CSE Seminar Topic on Blue jacking Seminar Report

BlueJacking is very new so not everyone will have a Bluetooth phone or PDA so the bigger the crowd the more likely you will have of finding a 'victim'. The Tube yes, Bluetooth works underground , on the train, in a Cafe or standing in line are all good places to start.

This is a facility available within the Mobile Phone that was designed to send a Contact to someone else - useful in Business when trading names and addresses, however we are now going to use it to send our message that was contained in the Name field of the contact - clever eh? Your phone or PDA will start to search the airwaves for other devices that within range.

If you are lucky you will see a list of them appear, or it will say that it cannot find any. If the latter happens then relocate to another crowd or wait a while and try again. If you have a list of found devices then let the fun begin. Some devices will be called by their Phone manufacturer e.

Nokia, Sony or maybe a random string. Try one at random and look around to see who grabs their phone and then looks perplexed when they read your message : If you want to name your Phone so it appears as a name in the list on a BlueJackers phone see how to name our phone. You can build a library of contacts with predefined messages.

First press the 5-way joystick down. Then choose options. Then choose "New contact" 4. Then in the first line choose your desired message. Then press done. Then go to the contact. Then press options. Then scroll down to send.

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