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owlreader/ERead/assets/books/Harry Potter and the Order of the sinrizimacirc.gq Find file Copy path. Fetching contributors Cannot retrieve contributors at this time. Rowling, J.K - Harry Potter 5 - The Order of the sinrizimacirc.gq By Tobiaz(sinrizimacirc.gq) . said, '- and finally, Bungy the budgie has found a novel way of keeping cool. HARRY POTTER AND THE ORDER OF THE PHOENIX The Entire Book HARRY POTTER AND THE ORDER OF THE PHOENIX 1 CHAPTER 1 - THE TRIP 2.

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Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix Book Txt

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is a fantasy novel written by J. K. Rowling and the fifth novel in the Harry Potter series. It follows Harry Potter's struggles. From the very beginning of the book, just like Harry, I was mad at Dumbledore Download Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix EBOOK. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Year Seven at Hogwarts ARTHUR A. LEVINE BOOKS. AN IMPRINT OF Text copyright © by J. K. Rowling. Illustrations by . newsreader said, “And finally, Bungy the budgie has found a novel.

Overview[ edit ] The fifth book in the Harry Potter series, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is told from the viewpoint of the now fifteen-year-old Harry. This is possibly the darkest book in the Harry Potter series. Surprisingly, perhaps, it is not the return of Voldemort and his Death Eaters that give this book its power, for in fact they do very little during this year. Its grimness is the multiplicity of enemies facing Harry, as the Ministry of Magic , headed by Cornelius Fudge , has also set itself against Harry and Dumbledore. Additionally, Harry must deal with a new nemesis and possibly the series' most hated character, Dolores Umbridge , a petty Ministry bureaucrat. Apart from the usual magic, events at Hogwarts School, and the frustrating Dursleys, this book includes the resurrection of the Order of the Phoenix, a group dedicated to Lord Voldemort's downfall, and Voldemort openly returning. Darker and more mature than the preceding entries in the series, this book shows Harry coping with loss and dealing with adversity, while growing in maturity and ability.

He collapsed on the floor. He shook himself up, and ran over to Hedwig. She looked like she had been mauled by a garbage disposal. Harry picked her up into his arms and put her chest to his ears. She was still breathing, and he could feel her heart beating.

Harry set her down on a bed, and looked through his cauldron for his wand. When he found his wand, he took it out of the cauldron, and pointed it at Hedwig. Even though he wasn't allowed to use magic out of school for fun, if a life and death situation arose, it was legal. A small glowing fish, bird, and dog flew out of Harry's wand and into Hedwig.

She glowed bright yellow for a second, then went back to her normal white. She opened her eyes, and ruffled her feathers. Hedwig then flew back to her cage, and let out a large hoot. As she flew over, Harry looked around his room, and almost screamed when he saw Dudley, just sitting there in a chair in the corner of his room.

Right on top of his palm, there was a small, brown box. What was he up to? Dudley had never given Harry a real present in his life! Could it really be real? Harry was almost afraid to take it, it was probably just another one of his pathetic jokes.

harry potter 5.txt

With a questioning look on his face, Harry grabbed the small box out of Dudley's hand, and opened it. Inside, there was the most beautiful watch he had ever seen. It was made out of some sort of green crystal, it shimmered all over.

At the place in the watch where the face would be, there were a tiny snake -head, with two red rubies for the eyes, and its tongue going around as the hand. It was intricately carved all over, to look like not just any snake, but a Basilisk!

The king of all snakes! Throughout his entire life, Dudley had never even said one nice thing to Harry, much less give something to him. Maybe he had turned over a new leaf.

Lily Potter? His mother? Even though my mom hated her, she still couldn't throw it out. Somehow, knowing that it had once belonged to his mother made it appear to be even more beautiful. Dudley let out a sigh "Harry, I haven't told anyone this.

No, these were dreams with a message. They were telling me something.

I tried losing more weight, but the dreams wouldn't stop; I tried to do better in school, but the dreams wouldn't stop; I even tried having a girlfriend for a while, but that didn't make them stop. I realized that I should have known to be that way ever since you first came here.

How Many Words Are There in the Harry Potter Book Series? - Word Counter Blog

Just because you can make glass appear, and talk to snakes doesn't mean you're a bad person. Once Hedwig had been settled back into her cage, Harry sat down on his bed. So many questions were burning in his mind: Why was Dudley being so nice to him? Was it really because of the dream? And before. He didn't even know phoenixes came in black! And what had caused his forehead to hurt when he saw it? Harry rubbed his eyes and walked over to the mirror in his room, and lifted up his bangs to reveal a lightning shaped scar on his forehead.

This scar made Harry even more unusual, even by wizard's standards. Harry was the only person to ever survive an encounter with Lord Voldemort, the most powerful and evil wizard in over a century. Voldemort barged into Harry's parent's house one night when Harry was only one year old.

Voldemort killed his mom and dad, and when he tried to kill Harry, his curse backfired, turning him into a weak, powerless creature that over a course of thirteen years returned back to his original power with the help of his most faithful servant, Peter Pettigrew or Wormtail.

The reason Voldemort' s curse had backfired is because his mom, Lily, sacrificed her life for Harry giving him a shield against Voldemort's powers. However, last year, Voldemort used some of Harry's blood to rise again, letting him get passed Harry's shield. It had hurt other times during the course of his life, but only when Voldemort had been close, or had an extremely evil thought. So, how could his scar have hurt when Voldemort wasn't near? It must have had something to do with the black phoenix that was in Harry's room.

Now that Harry was thinking, what was that phoenix doing in his room? Was it a spy for Voldemort? The only other phoenix Harry knew of was Dumbledore's phoenix, Fawkes.

But, Fawkes was red and beautiful and it most certainly didn't cause Harry to faint. This phoenix Harry just saw was black with dark flames all around it, it was like nothing Harry had ever learned or heard about.

Harry suddenly remembered Dudley. He ran downstairs, avoiding the large mass of wrapping paper that was still there. He arrived at the bottom of the stairs, still being slightly cautious: He still didn't trust him completely.

Oh, um. Dudley looked surprised. He waved his hand all over his body. It was some sort of rectangular package. The secret to my success. Soon, I was far too busy laughing to worry about eating.

Not only that, but this video taught me everything I know, like logic. I didn't understand it in school, but after just watching this, I finally comprehended how, if you weigh as much as a duck, then you are a witch. So, he decided to join Dudley in watching his little video. Though, he would have liked to have had some time to ponder and research that black phoenix he saw.

They sat down, and Dudley put the movie on. For the next hour and a half, they bonded like they had never before. Laughing, repeating lines, and making fun of the movie together, it was a truly new experience to Harry, and he liked it.

For the next week, Harry and Dudley watched the movie several times each day, while Uncle Vernon was at work, and Aunt Petunia was away visiting friends or 10 shopping. Fairly soon, Harry and Dudley were practically acting out each scene together, Harry felt as though he were back at Hogwarts with Ron. But, once Uncle Vernon or Aunt Petunia popped their horrible heads into the house, Dudley transformed into a slightly less mean version of the way he used to be; he didn't want to look too changed in front of his parents.

Apparently, he still thought very highly of them. Finally, the day came when the Dursleys would leave for Hawaii, and Harry would be sent to Mrs. Figg's house. Either out of a newfound respect for him, or a prolonged fear that he may break the magical rules to get revenge on them Harry chose the latter the Dursleys did not drive him to her house, but were allowing them to walk to her house since it was so close. He shot Harry one last dirty look, and then climbed inside his car, and shut the door.

That was a mistake. Harry saw Dudley go red, recognizing what he did. Dudley never spoke like that to his parents. He does the. What is wrong with you!? He evidently wanted to get out of there as fast a possible, before someone heard him say 'magic' or 'wizard'. We've got some pretty big animals at school, and I don't want Hedwig to get hurt!

And don't forget! We are the knight who say-" His last word was cut off, they were far away now. But, Harry knew he said 'nee'. From that moment on, he knew that things would be completely different between him and Dudley. Harry suddenly snapped back to reality, and remembered that he had to go to Mrs.

He shuddered at the thought: The last thing he wanted to do was spend the rest of his summer vacation at her house. Harry stuck his hands into his pockets and began to think. Then, he felt a piece of parchment in his pocket, and he pulled it out. Harry hit himself on the forehead for not remembering Ron's map.

Why spend the rest of summer with Mrs. Figg when he could spend it with Ron? Harry dashed back up to his room, and got ready to leave. Hedwig was in no condition to travel, she was still recovering from her massacre. That made him think: Maybe they would know something about black phoenixes. Harry packed up all of his possessions which did not amount to much into his cauldron.

He swing the cauldron onto his broom, and he put Hedwig in his jacket. Harry walked downstairs, and opened the door. The air was warm, but not humid at all. The sky was a perfect blue, and he was about to spend the rest of his summer with his best friend. Though, something was still troubling him: But, he shouldn't let it get to him that much though. Chances are, Hedwig must've met it on one of her trips, and got in a fight. Maybe it came back to get revenge.

And the fact that he fainted, maybe it didn't even have to do with his scar at all, maybe he bumped his head on his door he was getting taller or, maybe Uncle Vernon hit him, even though they had never physically abused Harry before.

All in all, it was not that big of a deal, and Harry shouldn't let it spoil his good time. Suddenly, as Harry came out of thought, he realized he was already flying in the air. Harry lost his balance for a second at the initial shock, but then, he realized what was going on and got his balance back. Flying came more naturally to Harry than anything else in the magic world, which was probably why he didn't even realize that he was doing it.

Harry took out Ron's map and attempted to decode the horrible handwriting. Ron's house didn't seem too far away from where Harry was, and if he went fast enough, he could make it there within the hour. Harry flew for what felt like only a few minutes to him since he was enjoying it immensely, it had been the first time he had flown in almost a moth, and it was and even greater feeling than he had remembered.

It was no wonder he had that dream of flying, he was craving it so much. Ron's house was coming into focus, right beneath the clouds Harry was flying through. It was not that hard to miss, it was a massive house that leaned over to one side 12 so much that you would expect it to fall over in the Muggle world, but in the magical world anything was possible.

Harry zoomed down towards the house faster than he had ever done so before. He had never flown in such an open place as the open sky itself before, so he had never had the opportunity to gain as much speed. As he went closer and closer to the house, the anticipation of meeting Ron rose. Harry was soon just a few feet from the Weasley's house, he slowed down considerably, and when he was near their door, he came to a complete stop and dismounted.

He put his broom over his shoulder, and walked up to the door. Harry, not being used to wizard doors, looked around for a doorbell. Instead, he found a shiny sphere that was attached to a gold rod coming out of the house right next to the door. Harry put his hand on the sphere, and it turned green.

Harry then pushed down on it and when he pushed it all the way down, the entire Weasley house flashed a bright green, the same as the sphere had. This took Harry by such a surprise that he tripped over his cauldron that was behind him, and landed on one of his books. As he was rubbing his back from the initial pain, the door opened, and Mrs.

Weasley appeared in the doorway. She was a plump woman with fiery red hair and a loving personality. As soon as she saw Harry lying on the ground, she cupped her hands over her mouth and ran out to him. What are you doing here? We're happy to have you, you know, and I'm sure Ron will be just delighted to see you. Come in, come in! She helped him up, and they walked into the house. Once they were inside, Harry stood in the middle of the kitchen, looking around for Ron. You can put your stuff up there.

He had been to Ron's room so many times before, he knew where to go. But, just as he was about to go on the first step, he saw Mrs. Weasley coming down the stairs. She looked at him and her mouth dropped open. Just as he turned around though, he was face-to-face with another Mrs. The Mrs. Weasley that opened his door was right behind that one, each had an expression of surprise and confusion on her face.

Even though oddities were probably common in the world of wizardry, Harry had never experienced anything like this before. Seeing three copies of the same person at the same place and time was very strange. Suddenly, the Mrs. Weasley that Harry met when he turned around, spoke: This time you've gone too far! Both turned red, and they said the same thing at once: The world just isn't prepared for that sort of thing, and neither is this house!

I'm your mother!

Weasley that opened the door. Change back right now! Weasley that Harry had met on the staircase. Harry felt so confused right now, his brain should have exploded a while ago. Weasley that was on the staircase calmly as she pointed to her eyes.

I'll never forget that you both are the only ones in the family with blue eyes. Weasley's took out their wands, and pointed them at themselves. Their skin suddenly turned into a clear liquid that quickly dripped off, collecting in a small puddle at their feet. When all the liquid had dripped off, Harry recognized what was left as Fred and George Weasley, Ron's older, identical twin brothers. Especially since it's because of him that you even have those things at all!

It was just a perfect opportunity," said Fred. What were they anyway? They both reached into their pocket, and pulled them inside-out. About fifty, tiny gray spheres fell out, though they stayed suspended in mid-air due to Fred and George's magic. Only a galleon each, a huge bargain! Best used in crowds. Once we got it to only change into people, we tested it on Ron, and every time he got near someone, he turned into that person. Now that was a confusing day. If it wasn't for you, we wouldn't have been able to get all the ingredients to make them.

It's a real sad world without Fred and George's crazy stuff," said a voice coming down the stairs. Harry turned and saw Ginny Weasley coming down. Harry was amazed at the sight of her. He knew that she had a crush on him, but had never returned those feelings until now. Ginny must've grown over the summer, she was now just a little shorter than Harry, and her long flaming-red hair went all the way down her back.

She walked over to a cabinet, took out a green apple, bit into it, and then walked back upstairs. Harry could still hear her eating, and he kept his eyes on her as long as he could until Fred's voice broke his daze.

I mean, I can understand not liking being a giraffe, what with your head hitting the ceiling and all, but you'd think she'd like waking 14 up and seeing a horse or a flamingo face in the mirror, I thought girls liked those sort of things. He once again grabbed his stuff, and ran up the crooked steps to the very top.

He came to a door that had a plaque on it that read: Harry knocked, and he heard Ron say, "Come in.

How Many Words Are There in the Harry Potter Book Series?

Ron was on his bed reading some Quidditch book. When he looked over and saw Harry, his face turned to a smile, and he walked over. The Dursleys were leaving for Hawaii, and if I didn't have your map, I would have had to stay with Mrs.

Figg all summer. The book was laying cover-up on top of the covers, it was Quidditch Tips and Tricks. Seeing the look of confusion on Harry's face, Ron spoke. Harry had been the youngest player on a Hogwarts Quidditch team, and his team had only lost one game while he was on it. He was the unspoken champion of Hogwarts Quidditch. Ron was an okay player, but Harry never seen him show the level of skill necessary to be on a team. Just then, one of the reasons Harry had come to the Weasley's, besides to be with Ron, came to his mind: What are you talking about Harry.

What was it? Does it have something to do with You-Know-Who? He told Ron about what he saw when he entered his room, and what it had done to Hedwig. Ron was silent throughout the whole thing until the very end. But-", he was cut off by the "dong" of a clock somewhere. Harry knew from previous experience that this was an alarm to signal when someone arrived home. Dad's home!

We have to know what it was! They walked downstairs quietly, and when they got to the bottom, Harry and Ron saw Mr. Weasley at the table talking quietly. Harry and Ron came up to them. Weasley looked at Ron suspiciously, stabbed a piece of meat with his fork, put it in his mouth, and started chewing.

As he did so, he replied, "What? What did you see? At this reply, Mr. Weasley swallowed his meat quickly and Mrs. Weasley dropped her fork that was almost to her mouth. Weasley in a loud voice.

J. K. Rowling HP 5 Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix

Weasley's eyes fell upon him, and then Mr. Weasley spoke, "Well then," he said, "if you ever see this 'black phoenix' thing again, um. Hey, I've got an idea, let's go practice some Quidditch in your yard, ok? He grabbed his ancient broomstick from the corner of his room and he and Harry set out to play.

They were later joined by Fred and George, and had a mini-game: Harry and Fred against Ron and George. Ron must have been practicing over the summer as Harry was having a tough time keeping up with him, even though he was on the superior broom. The game kept progressing for hours until both teams were tied at four-hundred- thirty. Harry, having been putting off catching the Snitch for so long as to prolong the game, decided it was time to stop, and caught in just a few seconds.

After a few exclamations of accolade, they all went in. Just as they got inside the house, Mrs. Weasley had dinner ready, and they sat down at the unusually long Weasley table. The first thing Harry noticed as he sat down was Ginny. She was looking even nicer than usual dressed in light-blue not-formal dress.

It made him notice her face even more. She appeared to have an expression on her face that read she both did and didn't want to be seen.

Harry guessed she was trying to look nice for him since she liked him, but didn't want to actually say anything. Nevertheless, Harry and all of the Weasleys sat began to eat. Even though Dudley's horrific diet was over, the Dursleys decided to still keep Harry on it while they ate normally. Harry almost jumped in surprise when Mr. Weasley asked him is he wanted seconds. Despite the wonderful dinner, Harry was feeling quite uncomfortable as Mr.

Weasley stared at him for almost the entire time. Harry noticed that Mrs. Weasley was doing the same, and wondered what it was all about. Perhaps they did know something he didn't. Harry ate the rest of his dinner very self-consciously, and when he finished, Ron declared that he had had enough and they both went upstairs, and to bed.

Harry climbed into bed, and he and Ron talked for a while: After they started running out of ideas, though, both of them slowly slipped into unconsciousness. Just as Harry was about to fall asleep, he heard a scratch at the window. He sleepily glanced over, and saw nothing there. As he looked away, trying to go back to sleep, he heard it again, louder this time. He sat up in his bed, climbed out, and went to the window. It was raining outside, and Harry could hear the thunder rolling in the distance, getting closer.

Harry inspected the area, but saw nothing. He sighed and blamed the wind. Just as Harry was about to go back to his bed, lightning lit up the sky and a face appeared in the window. The lightning made the night sky appear to be day, and the face glowed bright.

Just as Harry was about to yell in terror, he quickly gained control of himself, took a closer look at the face. It wasn't a human face, it was an owl! Harry opened the window and let the owl in. Instead of fluttering about and hooting as Harry expected him to do, it slowly and silently flew in as though it was trying to keep its presence a secret. Harry knew that this owl must have something important to deliver to the Weasleys, so he let the owl perch on his arm, and he walked downstairs to deliver it to them.

The lights coming from downstairs showed that someone was down there and Harry hoped that it was Mr. Weasley so he could give them the owl. As Harry got closer to the door leading to the bottom floor, he heard voices. It was Mr. Weasley, and they were talking. Weasley to her husband, "it just doesn't seem like the kind of thing they'd make up.

Weasley, "The only people that know about black phoenixes are either victims of Voldemort's attacks with them, or members of the Ministry of Magic during that horrible time. So, how could they now about them without seeing one? So, they either did see one today, or. Or what? He suspected him! I'd bet everything I had on that he came here originally to ask us, then thought about it, and believed he'd sound weak and afraid if he did ask us, so he made up the story about seeing it through the telescope.

Weasley, sounding a little angry, "Harry told me the reason he is here is because the Dursleys went on vacation to Hawaii, and he didn't want to stay with the lady that usually watches him.

A trip anywhere, much less Hawaii, would probably take years of planning for them. Weasley's comment. Weasley quietly, "then what should we do about it Arthur? Weasley put his hand to his chin, and Harry could tell he was thinking. Black phoenixes only meant one thing in my day: They were his symbol before the Dark Mark was, and they assisted in his destruction wherever he went. If he saw one, either Voldemort is near us, or spying on Harry.

Weasley had been talking about. Obviously, they did know something about the black phoenix but were unwilling to tell him. Why did everyone still think he was a baby? Sure, he wasn't a legal adult yet, but still, he had faced Voldemort four times and gotten the best of him at every occasion. Why couldn't people treat him with more respect?

Harry shook his finger, and as he did, the letter fell off of the owl's leg. Harry looked down at it, and saw his name written on the front of the small envelope, not Mr.

Weas ley's. Maybe the letter was for him. Harry grabbed the letter and the owl, and ran back to Ron's room, careful to be quiet enough to not wake him up.

He sat down on his bed, and opened the envelope, taking out the small piece of parchment inside. Be alone at the front of your Aunt and Uncle's house tonight at midnight. That was it. There was no signature, no anything that would indicate who sent it. Then, it came to Harry. It must be a letter from Hogwarts telling Harry to go back with his Aunt and Uncle for the rest of the Summer. Dumbledore told Harry that he had used a very powerful charm on him so that whenever he was near family, Voldemort could not touch him.

Now, with Voldemort rising again, Harry assumed that Dumbledore thought that even the Weasleys were not enough protection for him. Dumbledore could find a way to get the Dursley's back and be with him, even all the way from Hawaii. But then, Harry thought, if it was a letter from Hogwarts, why didn't it have the Hogwarts seal on it, or the professor's signature on it who sent it?

Harry guessed that they wanted him back in a big hurry and they didn't have time for anything like that. Since the letter said to be there alone, Harry didn't wake Ron, but scribbled a note for him telling him that he was being forced to stay with the Dursley's for the rest of the summer. Harry slung his cauldron over his broom with all his stuff in it , and started on his way downstairs. Just then, he remembered. And Mrs. Weasley were down there, and they would probably question him some more about the phoenix, and where he was going.

Harry really feel like dealing with that right now, he was very tired. He had to find another way out. Harry turned around, and saw the window in Ron's room that the owl had come through. Since it took up almost half of the wall, he, along with all his other stuff, could easily fit through it. Harry walked over to the window, and opened it.

A brisk summer night's wind blew by him causing his teeth to chatter. Harry threw Hedwig who was now well enough to fly out the window, and then he jumped out after him. They both flew as fast as they could all the way back to the place Harry had just tried to get away from.

It was a little after midnight when Harry finally arrived back at the Dursley's house. It took him less time to return than going since he didn't have to decode Ron's map, he just remembered the way to go. Harry dismounted from his broom, and sat down on the stoop in front of the Dursley's house, feeling extremely disappointed and unhappy.

Harry waited for a few minutes, and just when he was about to fall asleep, he heard footsteps coming closer from down the street. Harry stood up, and tried to see who was coming. Was is Dumbledore. Was it Hagrid? As he got closer, it came into focus, and as soon as Harry saw who it was, he turned around and walked in the opposite direction, trying to get away from it as fast as possible without being seen. Harry Potter? Is that you?

The voice that belonged to Mrs. Figg, the woman that the Dursley's were originally going to leave Harry with. Harry couldn't try and go the other way now, it was too late, she had spotted him. All he could do now was stand where he was, and wait for her to come over to him. Within seconds, she was right next to him.

Figg," replied Harry with a sigh. Click here. Rowling ebook. Subjects Fantasy Young Adult Fiction. Fantasy Young Adult Fiction. Publication Details Publisher: Pottermore Publishing Publication Date: Harry Potter. Readers waiting for this title: Hardcover in English - Kid's edition, 1st Canadian ed. Harry Potter e l'Ordine della Fenice: Harry Potter et l'ordre du Phenix , Gallimard. Harry Potter og Fonixordenen , Gyldendal. Harry Potter i Red feniksa , Algoritam. Harry Potter U-misdar Of Hachol Harry Potter y la Orden del Fenix , Salamandra.

History Created December 11, 41 revisions Download catalog record: Libraries near you: WorldCat Library. Paperback in Hindi - Hindi language ed. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix , scholastic in English.

Hary Potter i zakon feniksa , Media Rodzina in Polish. Hardcover in Spanish.

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