Fallout: Equestria - Project Horizons. Written by: Somber PDF by thePowersGang This is a special project for the wellbeing of the entire stable. You're the. Fallout: Equestria - Project Horizons. Written by: PDF by thePowersGang . Moonshadow might have been bumped from whatever project she's working on. Due to the size of this PDF, your internet browser may appear to stop responding. This is normal, Just give it a couple of minutes for it to finish.

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    Project Horizons Pdf

    font sizes & Fallout Equestria: Project Horizons eBook. It appears you don't have PDF support in this web browser. Download PDF. Please Note - Fallout: Equestria Project Horizons is a great deal darker than Both the PDF and the MOBI versions were created using online conversion tools. Home /; Stories /; Project Horizons. Author: Somber. Official Site: eReader PDF Version (only up to chapter 49) ยท [Tumblr] Wasteland Security.

    Equestria chapter by chapter. Official Site: Visit the official webpage. Forced into the life of a security mare, Blackjack is far more interested in eking out what fun she can in the dim halls of Stable All that changes as she becomes enveloped in a plot that not only endangers her stable but the remaining world as well. Kindle Edition. Chapter 1: Chapter 2:

    Maretin Garrix - Nuclear Dawn Vinyl Love - Advance Choons - Circuit-Bent Weaponry Fin - Renewed OfficeBats - Inversion Ricky Denzel - Pinkie Problem Edit Ponytronic - Astro Starlights Original Mix This album exists to help get the writer of Fallout Equestria: Project Horizons to Bronycon and other conventions.

    We feel given Blackjack's enduring presence in the fandom, the creator deserves to shine among those who appreciate his work. In this digital download you will find: A personal letter from Somber with an in depth look at the creative history of Project Horizons and his thank yous. A short story called "One Less Deck to Shuffle" by Kitsune detailing the events that take place during this album. A full resolution copy of the original untouched cover artwork by McLaren Spyder which can be used to make preprints.

    Club Mixers is a club set in the Fallout Equestria: Project Horizons universe.

    The concept here is simple. We imagined ourselves as musicians in a post apocalyptic world with the sudden opportunity to play in front of an audience. You are that audience. download some glowsticks.

    Fallout Equestria: Project Horizons

    Drink some Whiskey. Calibrate your PipBuck, Take off all your dirty stable clothes. Dance until you bump into things that you will break and we will have to spend hours fixing. Have fun- but just as a warning, it wouldn't be wise to wander too far from the safety of Club Mixers. The wasteland is a harsh, unforgiving place. You're in good care with Blackjack and ourselves. We promise. Welcome to Mixers, baby. Hoofington Rises tonight.

    Fixed volume of all dialog and their supporting tracks. If you are using the bandcamp app on iPhone or Android, you may need to clear your music cache in the app settings.

    Somber Producer: Aoshi Co-Producer: TrueBolt Co-Producer: Kitsune Blackjack VA: Kitsune Shuffle Mixtape VA: Aoshi The story featured in this album, "One Less Deck to Shuffle" written by Kitsune, is a noncanonical fanwork and in no way written, endorsed or supervised by Somber.

    Artwork done by the lovely McLaren Spyder mclaren-spyder. In the "canon" of GoE, the events of Project Horizons did not occur. I have my own personal headcanon for what happened in the GoE-associated version of Equestria in the Hoofington region, but that's beyond the scope of GoE. I'm providing this ebook as a service to the FO: E Community and because Somber climbed one hell of a mountain to finish a 1.

    Seriously, if you don't love that guy while rolling your eyes, check your pulse. Yeah, I know, I have a thing for creating special editions of Fallout books.

    Immersive Edition Features For better story flow, all author and editor notes have been moved to their own section under Appendices. Links to YouTube songs have been verified and cleaned and should operate effectively.

    Content warnings are now verified links that will skip the relevant section to the next "safe" point. Most section, memory orb, dream and other styles of intra-chapter breaks have been cleaned and fixed to allow for a consistent reading experience.

    New vertical cover design.

    Modified and adapted by Novel Idea. Fixed double entry for Chapter Action Bomb : Fury, who can even regenerate from it thanks to being part phoenix.

    Blackjack becomes one temporarily thanks to the Killing Joke. She doesn't catch on. This gag gets carried to extreme lengths, including Blackjack having a quick, drunk adventure with Littlepip herself. Several characters have tried to spell it out for her, but every time they're either interrupted, or she writes it off as ridiculous.

    FE: Project Horizons eReader by jlryan on DeviantArt

    Its attempts to recreate Blackjack's homes, family and friends end in disaster. The simulation where Blackjack is an actual mental patient with characters she's known taking the place of the asylum staff fares better, but she manages to crack it anyway.

    The program eventually takes the form of BJ's friends once again and helps her tackle her own subconscious, but in the end she's forced to kill 'Scotch Tape' to leave the simulation.

    After the End : Set two-hundred years after the nuclear war between Equestria and the zebras. Alas, Poor Villain : Just about every major or minor badguy has received this from Blackjack's point of view save Steel Rain and Blueblood. Gem, Mini, and Taurus, despite spending the better part of a chapter trying to kill Blackjack, are killed off in a Mini: You're a good pony, Miss Blackjack. Deus pursues Blackjack for sixteen chapters, being a sexist destructive cyborg who refers to all mares as "cunts".

    Turns out he is a victim of science, the disgraced Marauder, Doof, who was in constant agony due to his imperfect cybernetics. Then they put his brain into a tank. Sanguine crosses the Moral Event Horizon very early on in the story, murdering supporting characters in his ever desperate attempt to obtain EC, prompting Blackjack to make a vow to end him. Then in Chapter 39, it turns out he has a family who he preserved and wants to use Project Chimera to ensure they'll live.

    When they are killed, Sanguine just snaps and is later kept as a trophy by Cognitum. Goldenblood is more of an Anti-Villain , but still fits the trope considering his backstory, doomed relationship with Fluttershy, and well-intentioned agendas backfiring on him spectacularly.

    FO:E Project Horizons (Immersive Ed.) eBook

    Other examples include but not limited too Sanguine's minions Brass and Fury , Gorgon , Psychoshy , the Stable 99 ponies infected with the raider plague, Princess Charm , Mr.

    Horse , and Glory's mother Dawn. Is a Crapshoot : There are friendly A. Guess which type BJ meets more often? Averted by Applebot, who is genuinely helpful, and Ol' Hank, who is friendly and talkative. At first.

    They just can't stop until she's 'better'. Alternate Continuity : While Project Horizons is largely compliant, or at least non-contradictory, with the original FO:E there are a growing number of things that are outright changed.

    Always Chaotic Evil : Played straight with raiders , but typically averted otherwise. Ancestral Weapon : Vigilance, a They are constantly screaming, but unless you're close to the source, only the telepathic alicorns can actually hear it.

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