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Details. This issue available for download now as a PDF file — only $2! Add this issue to the library of your favorite mobile device to read on the go. No Internet. Thumbing (electronically) through the July/August issue of American Handgunner, the editor's note at the end of the "Speedloading Handguns Takes Skill". FMG Publications. Website Advertising Prices. GUNS Magazine Consumer.

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American Handgunner Personal Defense Special Edition SIG Sauer's New P Pistol The Click Here To download And Download A PDF Edition $ American Handgunner pdf - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File . txt) or read online. American Handgunner Magazine, San Diego, CA. The official American Handgunner Magazine page. Get the PDF right here:

Military Unif. The problem is also accentuated when there is dirt or un- burned powder accumulation under the extractor, causing it to ride high in the cyl- inder. Normally, then, gas pressure drops, the case contracts, becomes loose in the chamber, and as the hand rotates the cyl- inder, the primer rides free of the burr. Good books and time spend studying der rotation. This will also occur if the burrs are unusually high or jagged. While the burrs are most common in pair and maintenance. The work isn't all them-that's all you need to get started. Just recently, I loaded a of knowledge and a few appropriate tools understand and do all the jobs we'll be de- brand-new gun, fresh from the factory, -but without those commodities, even scribing through this column in the and its cylinder would rotate only with dif- removing a sideplate to clean out bureau- months and years to come. Recoil Plate Burrs those burrs just as quickly as shooting live Handguns are really rather simple Do you have a well-worn revolver that ammunition. They don't have too many cycles fine when it's empty or filled with The burrs are easily seen and felt, but parts, and you can usually see how they fired cases, yet produces difficult cylinder also indicate their presence by scratches work without too much trouble. They pre and drag marks away from the firing pin so simple, in fact, that nothing more than dent, opposite the direction of cylinder ro- a punch and screwdriver is needed to tation. If revolvers are are easily removed. If they are very high, a bit more difficult, it's more a matter of cut them down with a flat, needle file, but critical fit than design; they, too, are sim- stop before the file touches the main part ple to understand. Then take a large, flat, There are a few simple, low-cost things soft Arkansas stone and remove the re- you can do to learn more about your mainder.

Firearm-related fatalities: an epidemiologic assessment of violent death.

American Handgunner - Full Year Issues Collection | Free eBooks Download - EBOOKEE!

Am J Public Health. Children and handguns. A public health concern. Am J Dis Child. When children shoot children.

American Handgunner Jan/Feb 2019 PDF

Firearms in the home and child safety. Accidental firearm fatalities in North Carolina, Preventing suicide.

Firearms and youth suicide. Firearms and suicide in the United States. Weighted regression analyses found incorrect. Alcohol, firearms, and suicide among youth. Temporal trends in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, to Self-inflicted gunshot wounds: lethality of method versus intent. Am J Psychiatry. Death and injury by firearms: who cares? Incidence of traumatic spinal cord lesions.

J Chronic Dis. The company has a program in place called the Warrior Program that directly supports warfighters and veterans.

With sign-up to this program, members receive a cool welcome package and are entered to test products when they are newly launched each year.

To sign up, visit https: This campaign is designed to honor American heroes. These heroes can come from the battlefield, the urban jungle, or an American neighborhood. They simply want to honor Americans that go above and beyond to help their fellow-man.

It could be anyone from a person who rushes a cyclist hit by a car to the hospital to one who keeps a buddy breathing on the battlefield. Stories can be submitted by heroes themselves or by friends who see random acts of kindness and bravery.

TAC SHIELD just wants to recognize the awesome power of the American Spirit and remind Americans that we have a great country, with great people, and we should never lose sight of that in all of the rhetoric around us.

More information can be found, and stories can be submitted at https: Swing on over and read inspiring stories or share your own! Buck up and fire five more rounds! Read the rest of Mark's article at https: Galco Gunleather Tactics aside, a pistol-mounted light is one of the most functional accessories you can add to your shooter.

These shadow dwelling degenerates feel safe under the cover of darkness. The odds of playing hide-and-seek with a pistol-mounted light just tipped in your favor … Comp-Tac Victory Gear 's new Warrior With Light holster series is there to securely carry your light-accessorized pistol. Leek in orange looks great, opens with a snap, stands out in a bag or backpack or clipped to a pocket, and can lock when closed.

Read the rest of Mark's review at https: Get the PDF right here: Not doing so is as un-American as skipping over a John Wayne movie while channel surfing. Even worse is not actually owning a J-Frame of your own. No true revolver romantic can fathom the horror of this! Performance Center has just the thing for you, uh, holdouts, to make your wait negligence? Read the rest of Tank Hoover's column at https: I was willing to forego comfort for capability, wanting to make sure I had a gun both effective and reliable.

But, over the years I sized things down a bit.

American Handgunner July/August 2018 PDF

Read the rest of Michael O. Humphries' article at https: North American Arms Streamlight, Inc. That's Charles J. Vanous on the 9mm in He goes on from there to discuss the history of the cartridge as well as some bold opinions on its efficacy. A last-ditch strike weapon, it can go virtually anywhere with you, riding innocuously in a shirt pocket. Because — it's a pen. But you can take it in hand, have it ready to use, and yet — it's still just a pen.

Except if the situation warrants it, you can put the hurt on someone in order to fend them off or get away. Defiantly thumping their chests they shout, 'Give me steel, or give me death! I love them all! In combat or other shooting scenarios, the mantra is, 'Front sight, press! HIVIZ Shooting Systems solved this problem a few years ago with their Litepipe sights that maximize any ambient light to make sights 'magically' glow.

Read the rest of Tank Hoover's article at https: Read the rest of Roy Huntington's Behind the Scenes article at https: Constructed the same way their iron-like indestructible other gear — of water-repellent Cordura nylon — every edge is taped too, so no raw edges! And at a tidy 9"x5"x4" ranks it well into that cute category. Or … or … well, you get it. I got Suzi the purple one and the black one for me.

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All in one spot, without taking up too much room. It can go onto your belt, a handy loop, or even a big, padded pack strap. It comes in different sizes and yes … it can be had in purple too! The Wilderness is a family-owned company and chock full of darn nice people. For more info: Want More Gunnysack Features? As long as I can remember, shooting sports aficionados have always had a fascination with the empty case flying from auto-loading firearm as it fires.

Doesn't matter if it is coming from an auto-loading rifle, shotgun or handgun. Practical pistol competition has become one of the most popular shooting sports, both worldwide and in the U.

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